About Us

Our Mission

To empower small to medium businesses globally with mobile & digital products that are cost-effective, high-impact and accessible.

Why Cube Online?

We are accessible.

To us, that means easy to use, simple to understand and cost-effective.

To become the leading provider for mobile & digital technologies, we put ourselves in our customer’s shoes with:

  1. What we provide: Our technologies are traditionally accessible for larger companies. Through a diverse range and informed approach, we are able to give our customers the most innovative solutions that will have an impact on their business.
  2. Getting every customer interaction to work for your business. Whether it’s in-store, online, new customers or existing – we maximise the impact of every customer’s interaction with your business.
  3. Making online easy. We pride ourselves on accessibility through our products, services and business, making it easy for you to focus on what matters to your business.

Where We’ve Been

February 2015, we began introducing ourselves to business owners in major cities in both the UK and Australia with a focus to showcase their unique businesses with our Google Trusted 360˚ Virtual tours. Not only providing stunning imagery for their customers, the 360˚ Virtual Tours also enhanced their online presence and got their businesses in front of more people.

By September 2015 we were one of the fastest growing Google Street View Trusted Agency and the largest provider of Google Street View Trusted Tours.

Fast forward to 2017, we had over 18, 000 customers in 15 locations worldwide, new products in the pipeline and were finding more ways to help our customers.

Where We’re Going

Online trends, mobile and digital technologies are ever-evolving so we make sure that we are not only innovative and cost-effective but also accessible for small business owners, where the impact will help attract and retain customers.

Our vision is to become the leading mobile & digital technology provider for SMEs across the globe, empowering them in a competitive environment.

What We Believe

As a business, we define ourselves as:

  1. Approachable - as a business, as a company, as people.
  2. Innovative - seek inspiration through data and technology
  3. Customer Focussed - all else will follow
  4. Informed - we pursue knowledge and educate.
  5. Diverse - in products, in customers, in our approach
  1. Empowering - we create client value through collaboration
  2. Constantly Evolving - we adapt, adopt and embrace change
  3. Integrity - we pride ourselves on our honesty and transparency
  4. Driven - passionate, engaged and driven for collective success
  5. Sincere - sincerity in our delivery & approach